Siren by LKC

XSmall Infinity Scarf - Jungle Print - Satin

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  • Made from Satin jungle print fabric
  • Xsmall Size
  • This specific Jungle print scarf is absolutely one of a kind, will not be available once sold out
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Styling examples displayed - Grey scarf not included with order

Great for:
Layering over dresses, pants, crop tops, any outfits
Nursing mothers for privacy in public
Wearing as a scarf multiple ways, shawl
Mix and match with any of the Infinity Vests!
And anything else you can think of!

Scarf Sizing:

3-10 inches wide
More like a wider necklace

11-18 inches wide
Wider Necklace, small scarf

19-21 inches wide
Wider necklace, small shawl

22-25 inches wide
Wide scarf/shawl