"You are dressed so elegantly. Business casual."

"You are dressed so elegantly. Business casual."

Monday night, I met up with a friend at her work to discuss the dress I am making her, and a gentleman comes up to me and taps me on the shoulder. "May I just say... you are dressed so elegantly. Business casual. Collard shirt and all. Very professional. It looks marvelous on you." 
He was probably 30 years older than me, so I appreciated the sincerity and non-(I hope)creepy fashion of his language. But it made me laugh because you don't really hear "elegant" and "business casual" in the same compliment. 

This look btw, was purchased at TJ Max for $20 dollars total. I make clothing for a living, so if I'm buying something I just don't have time to make (like a collared shirt - buttons are a bitch), I will head for the sale section. The top was $10, the leggings were $10, and I have had the belt for 800 years and will never stop wearing it. 

That being said, this has become my staple - collared shirt, typically tied at the waist or cropped, high waisted leggings, studded or chain belt, boots. I usually adopt a specific look and put it in my outfit rotation. This winter its been crop tops - hoodies mostly and leggings, or collared shirts and leggings. With either combat boots or high heels. Who's elegant now? 😂😂

I went to Catholic school as a young child, and wearing an actual uniform was soul crushing. (Where's the creativity, yo??) But as an adult, finding a general idea of an outfit and changing up the looks slightly makes my busy life SO much easier. You feel me? So I am wondering - am I the only one who has a standard life "uniform"? Does this idea make your life easier if you do?
This concludes the trip through my Monday. I hope you've enjoyed your stay. 

As always, life is a beautiful gift. Go out and be grateful today!! ❤️

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