No pants party just got REAL, kids.

No pants party just got REAL, kids.

So I know you guys are probably over there like ... Okay, this was posted at 4 am so I guess it's still vampire hour for Lori, and she probably hasn't gone to sleep yet, (you would be correct), so I guess anything goes. But why are you in your underwear on the interwebs, Lori KC? And Ima fill you right the fuck in. I wanted to share some work I did with the fabulous Julie Surette Mccarthy.

I have known Julie for a long time, and have always admired her work. When she made a Facebook post looking for a few models to build the Boudoir division of her photography business, I jumped at the chance to be involved. I am by no means a model, but my girlish figure is only going to be in this condition for so long. And I'm a freakin' woman, yo. Even though I've been making women's clothing for over a decade, you will rarely see me in anything overly revealing. Guaranteed maybe 2% of humans on my social media have ever seen me in even a swimsuit. This wasn't a calculated move by any means. I just forget that I was chosen to be a part of this universe in the female form, and no one else has this female form but ME. Women's bodies should be celebrated and Julie does this in the utmost classy and entrancing way possible. She factors in the personality of the model when shooting the vibe, and also highlights all of their best ass...ets. Ahem... Assets. Heh. 

SO - I strapped in, stripped down, and got weird on a sunny afternoon in Newburyport. Low and behold, what started out as helping a friend expand her portfolio, ended up blossoming into a lovely creative relationship with a fellow female lady boss. She's an amazingly talented mama and wife, who has a knack for making women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin... all while capturing the perfect lighting, angles, and energy.

Our first shoot was set in her new studio space, complete with an exposed brick wall, feminine decor and tones, and some fun Victorian props. I used a few pieces from the upcoming Dress Up My Wedding line for this shoot in particular. And I'm so excited to share some of the work with you!

The style of kimono and skirt used in this shoot will be available for sale as soon as I officially launch the collection in the New Year. But please message me if you have any questions prior -

And stay tuned for our outdoor Summer shoot, as well as more work between us in the coming months!!!

For information on how to book your own senssssual photoshoot as a gift to a lover, or yourself (we are only young once - get scantily clad NOW), head over to or find her on Instagram at


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