Merry Everything and a Happy ALWAYS!

Merry Everything and a Happy ALWAYS!

🤶 Tis the Season, and Every Season! 🎅

The holidays always bring about a feeling unlike any other time of the year. You are more willing to make an effort to get in touch with loved ones, more wistful when reminiscing about memories of loved ones, ex's, people you haven't spoke to in years. You become more giving, more forgiving... And over all just more full of the holiday spirit. Take the holiday out of the equation for a moment and just remember that you could apply this to every day, any time in your life. Reach out to that old friend, be more giving with your time. Be more generous with your spending on others. And apply that throughout your whole year. Life is a short and beautiful gift. Don't let the holiday cheer fade after December. Bring it with you throughout the whole year and watch your life transform into something more full and fulfilling!

Now of course it wouldn't be an inspirational post without a little style - like the 🎅 Santa Baby dress 🤶 just re-released today, only available once a year!

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