Ladies, the LKC Collection PROUDLY presents Siren by LKC!

Ladies, the LKC Collection PROUDLY presents Siren by LKC!

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you walk into a party, totallllly feelin yo’self because your outfit’s on point and your hair is fierce as hell? 
And then you look over to find Suzie Skittles is wearing the SAME DRESS you just bought at Macy’s, and think to yourself “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! I am a fashion MAVEN and I start the trends. How did Suzie Skittles know that this was the hottest dress on the market?!?”

Well … that wouldn’t have happened if you had gotten your butt out of the mall, (where bland humans, including fashionista wannabe’s like Suzie, live), and onto an independent clothing site that will literally change your whole wardrobe.
That site my friends, is Siren by LKC... So hey, I’m Lori KC. Most of you know me as the fashion savvy Dirty Water Reporter, owner and creator of a bunch of fashion brands, Huffington Post contributing writer, singer, makeup artist, renaissance women, and your friendly neighborhood night owl vampire. I may wear many hats, but fashion is my GAME, yo.

But this year I decided to change up my fashion game. I have created a more affordable, limited edition line that has its focus on something I like to call Accessory fashion, and a select few staple pieces. I kept two specific styles in the store - the High Low Cascade hem dress, and the Body con dress - for my ladies who want to look sexy AND chic, while also being comfortable. We added leggings that can go from yoga to date night. And launched the Infinity line that will enhance your already existing, fabulous wardrobe to new heights! I wanted it to be affordable enough to still have money left over for a night out with friends, but also not so under priced that you don’t feel like you damn fancy. That is when I designed and launched my new women’s fashion empire – the LKC Collection. It consists of THREE brands: Siren, Envy, and Industry. I will break down each brand once we get the next two brands out to the masses. But for now, all you need to worry about is Siren, which I am launching TODAY!
Now let me break down the many reasons why this brand is the only one you should ever wrap your sexual figure in for the rest of ever:

  • Everything is stretchy and soft. No zippers, no fuss and you can eat a boat load of pizza and not have to worry about sucking it all in. The outfit will stretch with you.
  • Most of the fabrics I use are NON WRINKLE. Yes you read that correctly. So, if you need to hit the gym before your night out for all the pizza (and martini’s... or like, an absurd amount of water because we know how that is what really keeps your skin looking fab), you can throw your outfit in your gym bag, and when you pull it out, it’s ready to take on the town with you!
  • Most of the prints in this store are limited edition! So you will never have this horrific situation with Suzie Skittles at a party:

  • You see, Suzie didn’t get to my store in time to snag one of the styles before it went to only a few uber fashionable girls like yourself. Once I sell the limited amount of items I have designed with the small run of fabric, it’s gone forever. And Suzie Skittles is left crying in the dust with her totally overdone dress from Express. The beauty of limited edition is that it’s only for the elite few that purchase it, and then you take the title of MVP, (Most Valuable Phashionista, obvs.), of the universe forever and ever with the LKC piece.
  • Each piece is designed and made in The good ol', United States of America. 'MURICAAA!! What’s better than being than showing your 'Murica pride and looking fly as a mother, all at the same time??  I’d say absolutely nothing!
  • We not only have staple pieces to build your wardrobe (i.e. bodycon, and high low dresses, as well as leggings), we also have a new concept called Accessory Fashion that helps you enhance your already fabulous wardrobe. The Infinity Line is guaranteed to up your style game, as well as make anything you have more fashionable, AS WELLLLL AAAAAAAS.... having infinite ways to wear each piece in the line. So when you buy one piece, you are really buying 4 or more styles in one! WOOOOOOO!
  • I mean nothing is better than all of those points, but the single best thing about buying and wearing something from the LKC Collection is that you will get you more compliments than you have ever gotten on an outfit you have worn before. Now who doesn’t want someone telling them they look like a goddess on a regular basis? Don’t believe me? Get one of our statement or layering pieces, or whatever else your eyes fall in love with in the shop. The mix of prints and patterns, the bright colors, the bold styles, the way it emphasizes the best parts of you… everyone will take notice. It just happens. It’s organic. Unstoppable. It’s like wearing the song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Justin Bieber in dress form.
  • Last but not least, a thank you for checking out my new store, I have added a discount code for opening the store, found right on the home page! Just sign up for cool updates. Don't worry we are too busy writing blogs to spam you. This won’t last forever, so jump on the train while you can!

Now if all of that hasn’t convinced you that you need to check out LKC collection's first line, Siren, go check out the line RIGHT NOW by clicking HERE!
But I know I’ll be hearing from you soon, so… I’m not worried. Your closet needs LKC, desperately. And so does your pizza induced food baby. #comfortyall #screwsuzieskittles #imaphashionista

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