Happy girls are the prettiest....

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Happy girls are the prettiest....

I have had my fair share of disappointments in life. We all have. But one thing we can unanimously agree upon - is that happy girls are the prettiest. There is nothing more enticing, inspiring, and attractive than a girl with a big smile on her face. It lights up a room. It makes her aura glow. It's inviting, and warm, and creates an air of knowledge and power that you want to be around. What does she know that I don't? If I stand next to her, will it rub off on me? Will I be able to borrow a little bit of her sunshine for myself? What makes someone more at ease, than being greeted with a smile? Well, besides puppies, cupcakes, and like... 1 million dollars? Yes, we said it. A big - motha f*ckin - SMILE ya'll. And you know what kinds of things make A LOT of females smile? Being comfortable, feeling beautiful, and getting a little something for themselves to wear on the weekends.

Well maybe Lady Smileypants spent too much money on cocktails and tissues when her best friend got dumped on Tuesday night. Hey, club goin up on a Tuesday. Don't judge. (Or like, Jen throwin' up on a Tuesday because her boyfriend was a douche. But her friends were there for her. #hydrate.) So what can she do to still get her retail therapy on to continue that smile of hers? A little thing we like to call Accessory Fashion. You don't need to get the whole kit and kaboodle when you are shopping for a new outfit. (Is kit and kaboodle still a phrase?) All you need is a great layering piece, to partner with your already saucy wardrobe. And this is where we come in. Over the next few months, Siren and the soon to be launched Envy,  will be bringing you the BEST Accessory Fashion pieces. From Siren's Infinity line, to Envy's layer-able designs, we got you covered. Literally. Like... we can cover you up if your cold with some bitchin' scarves and whatnot.



The beauty of the LKC Collection is that almost all of our prints are either limited edition, or one of a kind. So you can be sure that you won't be wearing something someone else has on. And a lot of our fabrics don't wrinkle. Hey yoga girl out there that has a date later, I see you. Throw your Infinity scarf in your gym bag for later, and then throw it over that LBD with no worries of looking like your crawled out of a van down by the river. That thang won't have any signs of being stuffed in your bag... all... day. #bekindtoyourwardrobethough

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