Fall in LOVE.

Fall in LOVE.

We all wonder what the meaning of life is at least ONCE in ours, right? We search for the meaning in the faces of others, in the little things, in the sunsets, and mountains, and fresh air. We think to ourselves, "what is it all for?". What is the truth behind the beautiful landscapes, and vast skies, and deep oceans, and human connections? If you were the last person left on earth, would it be worth it to be here alone? Or does it really all come down to one thing.... Love.

Do all of the material things, simple pleasures, ups and downs, beginnings and endings to our days really feel worth it without something or someone to share your feelings about it all with? Whether is a pet, a lover, a family member, or friend... wouldn't the world seem pointless without that fuzzy feeling of love?

We have PLENTY of new items coming through every week to give you the satisfied I LOVE MY LIFE feeling here at shoplkc.com, obvs. But if we have no one to share our joy with, does it reaaaally count? Now, we aren't claiming to know the meaning of life or anything like that... (Well, we sort of are. Kind of. A little bit.) But we know that without love, even this store wouldn't exist. Love is everywhere you look. And anyone can have it.

So today, remember that love can be found anywhere. Whether its a new scarf to give to a old friend to regain that connection, a puppy, a child on the sidewalk who you swear is you from the past but in the present - #multiverseshit, a Taco Bell employee handing you your dollar burrito (and that just HAS to be love), love is available to ANYONE if you want it. And life is a short and beautiful gift. So why not enhance the colors of your world and feel the love.

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Go and tell someone that you love them, right now. Yes... like right now. Stop reading this sentence, and go call your mom. Or your best friend from high school. Or that guy who lives next door that you legit have been in love with for two years but you are a coward and can't grow the cojones to tell him. Tomorrow may never come SO GO OUT AND LOVE! Pick up a kitten, kiss it on the head. Give a seagull your last piece of sandwich. Watch as the rest of the seagull kingdom descends upon you. Don't think about the Hitchcock movie Birds while this ensues. THE SEAGULLS JUST WANT LOVE TOO! And be grateful every moment you have breathing in this beautiful air, having an opportunity to find and express love every second of any day with any living creature. (Or even inanimate objects. I could love cheese harder than most people. But that takes away from the point of this post so. I digress. #butcheeseislove)
So this season... FALL... In love. With everything.
Including LKC Collection!!


This little life and love reminder is brought to you by the letter I. And U. and this thing <3. :)


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