Be strong because the storm SHALL pass.

Be strong because the storm SHALL pass.

Life can be a bitch. We all know this. Things go wrong, people let you down, work is stressful, pets don't live forever, pasta makes you gain weight, and so on and so forth. It can feel really heavy at times. Sometimes, it can feel too heavy, and you don't know how to cope. In those times, we forget how incredibly lucky we are just to be alive to experience even the shittiest of moments... The sheer miracle that your soul was chosen to experience this wild trip of earthly life, is kind of freaking amazing. If you really think about it, it's pretty bananas actually. Your soul, your essence, was specifically chosen to take the ride through the universe on this planet. No matter what goes wrong in your life, you were literally born with that luck. We forget that, a lot. Probably too much. You may not have ever even thought of it like that before. But in realizing how special you truly are to be chosen to be here, you also need to realize that no bad moments will last forever. So if you woke up today think "whennn will it get better?", remember, it will. The term "ups and downs" is a legit thing. It will always go back up. You are even in control of it, even if you think you aren't. You can turn things around simply by just concentrating on your inherent luck, harnessing that vibe, and attracting more of it by focusing on what you want and need. Make a vision board, change ur password to something positive, update the background of your computer screen with a visual that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. And get in the groove of focusing your energy and thoughts on good stuff. Be strong. Be vibrant. It won't rain forever. It WILL get better.  (Unless you're like, Noah, or something... and you gotta build an arc, and get 2 of each animal on that bitch. Then maybe it might rain forever. But it's cool 'cause you aren't. So no worries!) 

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