A year of honest reflection and adventuuuuuure

A year of honest reflection and adventuuuuuure

FRIENDS! I miss you all mucho and want to share some thangs with you. So without stumbling over a long intro to this post, I'll just get right to it. Here’s a little tale of the past year or so in my life. A lot has happened since 2016 and when I first launched this site.

Directly after the launch of my new brand Siren by LKC Collection in summer of 2016 - that included makeup, accessories, and women’s clothing - a friend had approached me to work for him as a graphic designer and content creator for his drop ship business. Now as excited as I was to launch my new brand, I have been doing fashion for 14 years. I didn’t even realize I would welcome a break from the monotony of being a self employed clothing designer. I have always believed in trying as many careers as you can in one lifetime since, you know, we only get one that we will remember. I set aside all of the hard work and promoting I had put into my newly launched brand, and set out on this new professional adventure. And it was an adventure! I went to Miami for the first time. Flew alone for the first time. Picked up skills I didn’t realize I could acquire throughout this point in time. I even got a secondary job as the creative director of an online magazine where I was the liaison between billionaires and the magazine directly because of my new job. 

But the year went by quickly. So there I was… November to December of 2017. When all the shit hit the fan.

For reasons out of my control, my full time job ended - my friend's company folded. As for the other job I had taken on, talking to very well known billionaires and their teams every day had become pretty overwhelming, seeing as how I have a bit of social anxiety (not that anyone would know that). Then, my dog ended up in the hospital. She had pneumonia, pancreatitis and was pretty much on the brink of death. (She’s good now though, thanks to Bulger Animal Hospital). My beloved car of over ten years officially shit the bed. And then there was the matter of my heart. Literally and figuratively. Going through a breakup no more than 2 months prior was the figurative. But the literal? I was drinking water watching an episode of General Hospital in my mom's living room when my heart decided to jump in to Atrioventricular Nodal Tachycardia out of nowhere. Little did I know that the cure for this was for the EMT’s to stop my heart in the livingroom to get it back to a normal sinus rhythm. They thankfully didn't tell me the process of resetting the rhythm during this - just that I would “not like the feeling to follow”. I learned that I have an extra valve in my heart which caused the constant skipping feeling I would just ignore. After a heart echo, we knew it wasn’t life threatening at least. But after a month and a half of this shitstorm, (this blog post was brought to you by the word shit if you hadn’t noticed), I decided I needed a life break. A legit and true life break. I had lost my ambition, my inspiration, and quite frankly I didn’t know what the fuck I wanted to do with my life after those two months. I really enjoyed what I had been doing for the past year. So how could I just jump back into fashion without acknowledging that something else had been so rewarding?

So… I took the next year to reconnect to what the voice inside was saying. Now to be honest, the voice inside was telling me to drink tequila, enjoy people, not watch the news, stay off of most social media outlets, not wear pants for a majority of the time, and have fun. Over the course of the year I ended up back with the ex, moved in with him, moved my sewing studio to a different location, built a makeup/photography/fashion blogger studio, did a bunch of awesome photo shoots with amazing female photographer friends, went on two vacations, acquired a new pet bunny and about a thousand fish, went to just about a thousand weddings, (congrats friends!), built a meditation corner in our new home, re-imagined the show I co-own with my bestie to move forward with it as a audio/video podcast (for you ZFL fans out there, it shall return!), and decided that clothing has been such an integral part of my life, why not figure out a way to make it more enjoyable again??

After half the year had gone by, I sat back and analyzed what I what I was doing when I wasn’t doing much of anything. The answer? Simply put, I was wearing robes. I had one for after the shower. I had one for lounging. I had one for the pool, for sleep, for sexy time, for meditation, and for cooking. I realized, along with my no pants party for life attitude, what took the place of pants, and dresses, etc., were kimono robes. No matter what I was doing, I was pretty much always wearing something comfortable on my body, as well as my signature power pink lipstick on my face. (Yes, that is actually the name of the color. L to the OL.) 

So as I was driving home from the fabric store one day, I realized that fashion and trends have become dispensable. I wanted to create something that someone could LIVE in. Something that someone could evolve in. Grow mentally and spiritually in. Something they could wear while expanding their knowledge, healing their bodies, and feeding their minds. On the flip side, I also wanted something that women of all sizes could feel beautiful and versatile in. I wanted to clothe the thinkers, the dreamers, the readers, and lovers. I felt that if I could create pieces for someone on a day that is maybe the best of their lives, but also create things that could be PART of their lives, then I would feel more fulfilled in my creative journey. And that is where the new sections of my store were born. I will be rolling out the following sections in the coming months - The Meditation Corner, Dress Me Up, and Dress Up My Wedding. The Meditation Corner will feature meditation robes, pillows, and more. Dress Me Up will be comprised of layering accessory fashion, and one convertible style dress to wear several ways (a new design each season!). And Dress Up My Wedding which will feature robes for the bride and bridal party, as well as two different styles of custom wrap skirts for the wedding party!

Furthermore, I always have people asking me advice on makeup techniques, but not having the funds, the skills, or the time for whatever most makeup artists on Youtube and Instagram were teaching and using. It got me thinking, why don’t I start a Youtube channel for all my fashionistas who need easy tutorials for makeup looks that won’t break the bank, while being able to do it themselves? Kaaaayyyy, I think I will then. Fast forward to today, and I now have my makeup studio ready and waiting for my first video!! In building the studio, I realized I also have a passion for interior design and homr decor for small spaces, as well as upcycling older items to make them exciting again. Soooooo, the channel will feature fashion, beauty, and DIY home decor and interior design tutorials and videos! 

I have been doing fashion, makeup, and do it yourself projects my entire life. People say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. So with 2019 fast approaching, I am launching a new Youtube channel for all things fashion, beauty, and DIY, that shall coexist with my Blog, store, and social media accounts. I also decided that I may as well explore my love for creating sacred spaces in the home, for myself and for others. So stay tuned for an announcement about that.

The purpose of ALL of these endeavors is to help my fellow female creatures get a little bit of zen up in their day, whether it's a day off, a vacation day, a wedding day, or a day in bed, while putting their best creative face forward. Because who run the world??? Girls. 
And cheese. Well, cheese runs my world, but that's neither here nor there.

Now take the rest of your day to ponder what amazing things you can do with your life, since we only get one shot at it. And check back for The Meditation Corner that is launching first so you can ponder that on and in something comfy, knowwhatimsayin?? Life is a beautiful gift ya’ll. Can’t wait to share it all with you as it unfolds!!!!

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  • Nicholas Ockenga

    CHURCH!!!! Love ya, happy for ya, RESPECT ya, feelin the vibes! To infinity and beyond!!!! 🙌🏻👏🏻🙏🏻

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